SoftSkies 2.4

A music visualizer that produces mood-enhancing animated cloudscapes
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SoftSkies is a visualization Windows Media Player plug-in supported on a large number of media players. It is also a stand-alone application, which can project images, synchronized with the music played on your desktop player. This application is great for animating your music player and making it at the same time more interesting and more colorful.

Using it with your Windows Media Player requires some actions to be made. Open a new media player window and click the “now playing” button, after that, select the plug-in option, and choose “options.” In order to add this tool to your media player, you have to mark SoftSkies in the “visualization” option field and press “OK.” Now you have the plug-in added, and it is ready to make watching your movies and listening to your music more enjoyable and entertaining.

In order to work properly, this program requires Windows XP or higher versions. A system like Windows 98 will make this application inoperable. Furthermore, it requires modern graphics hardware for optimal run; for example, you need at least Direct3D pixel shader version 3.0. In addition, for increasing the performance of the application, it is recommended to disable other tasks that run in background, tasks like virus scans or system monitoring tools.

SoftSkies is similar to the visualization plug-in that Winamp provides. The big difference is the superior quality of the animations and the professional design of SoftSkies. Using this application, you will enjoy thousands of effect combinations.

Rory Shaffer
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